Global Human Resource Development

Global Human Resource Development
& Global Communication Skills Training

Global Human Resource Development
& Global Communication Skills Training

Global Human Resources Development & Global Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills to Work with Japanese Partners

Based on our business experience in more than 10 countries, including Japan, the United States, and several countries throughout Europe, Asia, and other developing countries, our advisors will help improve the quality of communication and the productivity of collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese workers.

By understanding Japan’s unique business culture and customs and acquiring the ability to communicate, we will build productive relationships and maximize the results of our global collaboration with your Japanese partners.

If you have any of the following concerns, please contact us:

Want to ease communication with your Japanese colleagues and business partners?

If you have any of the following concerns, please contact us:

  • You can’t get used to the way your Japanese colleagues and bosses work.
  • You have been negotiating business with a Japanese company (or Japanese counterpart), but you have not made any progress.
  • You don’t know how to build a good relationship with your Japanese business partners
  • You’re going to begin working in Japan, or you’ve experienced M&A with a Japanese company, and you’d like to lean Japanese working culture.
  • You’d like to learn the manners and etiquette required to work with Japanese senior management in advance.

Our Japanese advisors overseas and in the United States are experienced in managing Japanese companies and can help meet your specific needs.

Global Human Resources Development & Global Communication Skills Training

In response to recent globalization, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology defines global human resources as containing the following elements:

 Language & Communication Skills 
 Independence & Proactiveness; Spirit of Challenge, Collaboration, & Flexibility; Sense of Responsibility & Mission
 Cross-Cultural Understanding & Identity

Based on the background and framework described above, we will provide the following global human resources development services, based on approximately 20 years of experience in Japan, Europe, and the United States, to maximize the potential of organizations and individuals.

  • Global Communication Training (for Japanese)
  • Cross-Cultural Consulting & Individual Coaching for Globally Active Managers & Executives (for Japanese and non-Japanese)
  • Enhancement of Presentation Speech in English (for Japanese)

Individual coaching for global talent is customized to meet the needs of companies and individuals.

The following are examples of the training objectives.

Objectives are :

  • To deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and Japanese business practices and learn the key points needed for more productive communication;
  • To deepen your understanding of the major cultural concepts and business practices of the West, and their differences from Japan and the rest of Asia, and;
  • To raise awareness of how to work with Japanese colleagues efficiently.

Learning Items:

  • Significant Differences Between Japanese & Western Business Styles (e.g., meetings, decisions, information-sharing, negotiations, relationships, etc.)
  • How to Best Meet Your Japanese Colleagues’ Expectations & Get the Most Out of Your Work
  • How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Japanese colleagues
  • Business Etiquette in Japan
  • Related Cross-Cultural Business Case Study

The advisors will explain the main points above, while introducing various examples from their own work experiences in Japan and abroad.

The above will be provided remotely. We can also organize online lectures or/and create an online course to address the company’s needs with details that can be learned at your own pace. Please contact us for details.