Business Documentation & Translation

Business Documentation & Translation

Business Documentation & Translation

Business documentation and translation(Japanese/English)

Writing acuity is also an essential part of communication skills in the global business environment, and important documents derived on a daily basis are an important communication tool.

Front-line management consultants, who regularly give presentations, conduct quality control reviews before delivery. This provides the same level of quality as major consulting firms.

Depending on your needs, on a daily basis, we are able to provide spot services, such as preparation/translation in Japanese and English, of important documents that derive from global companies and projects.

Business Documentation in different languages

In addition, there are many cases where we can take advantage of the time difference (13-14 hours behind Japan) to deal with urgent matters. Please feel free to contact us for delivery and service details.

1) Business Documentation

Business documentation is based primarily on existing internal data and materials and is developed in consultation with staff and teams as needed.

By charting word-based drafts and incorporating appropriate images and figures, we provide sophisticated business materials on the same level as those produced by major consulting firms.

Handwritten PDFs, and those that already consist of PowerPoint, will be modified, improved and polished to assist, as needed, from the logic and strategy phases.

Projects that require a plethora of project materials and documentation can also be pursued in consultation with internal stakeholders. Please contact us for details.

Below are examples of documents prepared in English/Japanese.

  • Legal documents related to governance and internal control in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 
  • Negotiation strategy with a major Japanese trading company for U.S. energy companies
  • Presentations for headquarters’ management of major foreign companies
  • Drafts of speeches by top executives of major global companies and government leaders (e.g., ministers) to the media

2)Business Translation (to and from Japanese/English)

Consultants with extensive global experience in leading consulting firms manage translation projects and perform quality reviews before delivery.

Business translation projects are completed in a style that meets the needs of the industry and the company. CIC provides flexible services on a case-by-case basis, including layout, rewrite and terminology management.

For presentation materials, we choose the best sentences, phrases and words, taking into account the layout.

In collaboration with professional translators, we provide detailed and flexible services that are not possible with AI automated translation, including guidelines, abbreviations and terminology specific to companies and industries.

The following are some examples of recent Japanese-English/English-Japanese business translations.

  • Global project proposal materials for major strategic consulting firms (Manufacturing / pharmaceuticals / real estates / government / public offices / healthcare / retail / finance / insurance / Tokyo Olympic related)
  • Training materials and guidelines for U.S. financial institutions/ management consulting firms
  • Discussion papers of relevant ministries and ministers on the state’s response to the coronavirus

Business Documentation & Translation