Custom Market Research

Custom Market Research

Custom Market Research

Custom Market Research on Japan, the USA and Europe

We propose the most appropriate research/plan based on various factors, such as purpose/ challenge, delivery date and budget.

CIC supports the development of business strategies by gathering and analyzing the most up-to-date information on the Japanese market according to your needs.

In addition, CIC provides services by closely collaborating, if necessary, with networks of experts in each field in the global market cultivated over the past 20 years.

Our service is not limited to basic research and data analysis. It also includes custom-made insights and suggestions, such as points and areas that are particularly important to your business strategy and matters to consider when expanding into Japan.

Consulting services and all deliverables can be provided in English and Japanese, depending on your needs.

The following are examples of support CIC can provide.

Custom Market Research on Japan

Need 1: “We want to start a new business”

  • Survey/analysis of potential needs/seeds
  • Relevant regulatory research/advisory related to business regulations and laws
  • Research/analysis of the latest technological trends (feasibility study of in-house service technologies)

Need 2 “We want to understand the market and competitors.”

  • Survey/analysis of market trends and market size by product/segment  
  • Survey/analysis on competing products 
  • Survey/analysis of management strategies/technological trends of competitors
  • Benchmarking surveys on the market
  • Analysis of success/failure factors of competitors

Need 3: “We want to find overseas business partners.”

Need 4: “We want to understand academic papers and scientific evidence overseas.”

  • Research and analysis of cutting-edge academic papers related to existing or newly developed products and services (understanding of related scientific evidences)
  • Survey and benchmarking of other relevant domestic and international best practices

Need 5: “We want to understand our competitors”

  • Survey and analysis of domestic and overseas competitive products and services
  • Survey and analysis of management strategies and technology trends of domestic and overseas competitors
  • Benchmarking surveys in the USA, Japan and EU
  • Analysis of success and failure factors of domestic and overseas competitors

Examples of recent case studies by sector:

Here are some recent examples of custom research that CIC has supported (the content is generalized to respect confidentiality agreements):

  • Healthcare:
  • Market and company research & analysis in digital therapeutics(DTx) and digital health 
  • Desk study and medical dissertation reviews on scientific evidences of mental health DTx
  • Desk study on overseas medical device regulations such as FDA rules, regulations and guidance Trends in digital transformation and digital strategy in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Recent market trends in digital healthcare businesses in Europe and the U.S.
  • Telecommunication: Research on trends and markets in the latest SaaS businesses in Europe and the U.S.
  • Automotive and Manufacturing: Analysis of success cases and success factors for digital transformation
  • Industry, academia and government collaboration: Survey and analysis of trends and successful cases of industry-academia-government collaboration related to AI/digital research and projects
  • Education-related Services: Market trend in the U.S. and startup company analysis of an LMS (Learning Management System) and its platforms
  • Government and international organizations:
  • Research and Analysis on methodologies and success factors of process re-engineering and organizational/operational reforms in government organizations
  • Research and analysis on business laws and regulations and the investment climate for the private sector in ASEAN