Message: “In the midst of rapid globalization, I would like to contribute to the global economy and the SDG goals by supporting Japanese companies and other multinational organizations involved in business with Japan.”

I have been immersed in various countries, organizations, and cultures around the world, and the farther I get from Japan, the more I am reminded of the excellence rooted in its unique history and culture, and the greater potential I see in the global economy.

On the other hand, during the current wave of globalization and digitalization, the growth of Western countries is remarkable, and as business borders become increasingly unclear, the lack of global human resources—resources which are arguably the driving force behind Japan’s success on the global stage—has emerged in Japan.

To fill this gap, I would like to be a bridge between Japan and global society and contribute to the world by supporting global businesses that have a great impact on society.

The global spread of the coronavirus has had an irreversible impact on society and the economy, changing consumption styles and ways of working. In such an uncertain society, digital transformation (DX) and other tireless efforts to change will be the key to sustainable corporate growth.

With accelerated digitalization and internationalization, we are now in an era where we can work with talented experts from all over the world, transcending the boundaries of countries, industries, time zones, languages and cultures.

Let’s work together to change the world for the better.

Profile: Rina Takeuchi (CEO & Founder)

After graduating from Ochanomizu University, Rina joined Arthur Andersen (now PwC) as a new graduate and has been involved in various global projects related to business process and operational reforms in both the private and public sectors.

She has about 20 years of experience in global projects with government agencies, international organizations, major consulting firms (e.g., Big 4, etc.), and major global companies in 10+ countries.

After completing her MBA at ESSEC Paris as a L’Oréal Scholar in 2008, she worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japanese Mission in Geneva, Switzerland, where she was involved in trade, development, and investment-related matters at the WTO and the United Nations. 

After working for a Swiss international-development advisory organization, she joined the Business Environment team at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., in 2012, where she advised the governments of developing countries on operational, organizational, and legislative reforms.

After giving birth and working as a freelance consultant, Rina established CIC in Washington, D.C., in 2021, due to the increasing demands of remote consulting during COVID-19. 

In recent years, she has been fully involved in digital-related projects—especially in healthcare, pharmaceuticals (DTx), telecommunications, and industry-academia-government collaboration—and she supports global projects from Washington, D.C., often taking advantage of the time difference to do so.

In particular, she has been involved in advisory services for the executive management of global companies, support for digital strategy planning based on global research and benchmarking, and support for new digital-business launches.